Geoff Wagner

HI! My name is Geoff Wagner. I am a lifelong learner specifically focused on the technology space. My career started as a software developer in the PHP ecosystem. I was building search indexes and website scraping tools where timing and performance were very important. As I have grown in my career my focus shifted from pure software development to software delivery. Some people will consider this a move into "DevOps". I have helped businesses shift from legacy human-based deployment models into models which combine configuration management, infrastructure as code, event orchestration, and day 2 operations bringing flexibility and stability into their ecosystems.

Over the last few years, my career has taken a shift away from being purely technology-focused transitioning into a management role. I am now empowered to work with engineers and architects on developing automated delivery pipelines for the future. This blog is meant to be a representation of that journey.

I am very opinionated when it comes to well-developed and well-run technology. It is easy for technology to take center stage when people are heads down and churning things worked products. This means that the human element of being on a delivery team gets marginalized and ignored. My interests are centered around bringing humans and technology together in a way that enables people to expand their horizons.