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DevOps is an approach to software development and operation, where teams are able to collaborate more effectively and accelerate software releases from development to production.

DevOps is hot right now. The demand for professionals with the skills to bridge the gap between software development and information technology operations is growing significantly.

Trust and respect are essential ingredients in any healthy working environment. When trust and respect are present, team members feel safe to give their best, collaborate openly, and challenge one another constructively.

DevOps (an abbreviation of developer operations) is the marriage between software development and IT operation. It's a term used to describe practices and technologies aimed at bringing together software engineers and IT professionals to produce software more efficiently.

Automation Testing in DevOps is generally relegated to the software being released to production. Environmental testing is performed by manual testing practices or high-level smoke tests.

Sysdig Threat Research Team has discovered PURPLEURCHIN, an elaborate crypto mining operation taking advantage of automated CI/CD services. Attackers have used millions of free compute cycles through services such as GitHub Actions, Heroku, and others, to run the operation.

Whether it's Python, JavaScript, or other programming languages, Developers spend a lot of time writing code. More traditional infrastructure engineers are going to spend their time in a user interface configuring their systems and services to work for their organizations.

This is a pretty loaded question. Is cooking a skill? Are home builders skilled or unskilled labor? A skill would denote being able to do something well or having expertise in practice.

DevOps is all about bringing software development and operations together under a single functional team to increase quality, communication, collaboration, and efficiency.