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Below is a list of DevOps articles/sites that I discovered over the past month and found interesting. Linux Troubleshooting This is an interesting tool that people can use to test out their Linux troubleshooting skills in a capture-the-flag-style event.

DevOps is a culture and methodology that an organization can prescribe to aid in velocity, consistency, stability, and flow of value to the market.

DevOps is a hot topic in the technology world. It's no longer just an isolated set of tools and processes which promise an automated future, it's an entire culture that's infiltrating every facet of software development.

The performance of the DevOps cycle is a crucial measure of your success. If it's good, you are on track to meet your objectives; if it's bad, you need to make some changes.

DevOps has become a powerful set of tools, processes, and cultural norms for improving the deployment and operation of the software.

DevOps is an approach to software development and operation, where teams are able to collaborate more effectively and accelerate software releases from development to production.

DevOps is hot right now. The demand for professionals with the skills to bridge the gap between software development and information technology operations is growing significantly.

Trust and respect are essential ingredients in any healthy working environment. When trust and respect are present, team members feel safe to give their best, collaborate openly, and challenge one another constructively.

DevOps (an abbreviation of developer operations) is the marriage between software development and IT operation. It's a term used to describe practices and technologies aimed at bringing together software engineers and IT professionals to produce software more efficiently.