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Automation Testing in DevOps is generally relegated to the software being released to production. Environmental testing is performed by manual testing practices or high-level smoke tests.

Sysdig Threat Research Team has discovered PURPLEURCHIN, an elaborate crypto mining operation taking advantage of automated CI/CD services. Attackers have used millions of free compute cycles through services such as GitHub Actions, Heroku, and others, to run the operation.

The goal of any DevOps tool should be to help your team communicate more effectively, automate manual tasks, and track the progress of your projects.

DevOps is a set of practices that combines software development and operations to improve the speed, quality, and reliability of software delivery.

Below is a list of DevOps articles/sites that I discovered over the past month and found interesting. DevOps Roadmap First is a link to a DevOps roadmap.

Building a devops pipeline is easy. Wire up a few components, write some scripts, glue on some tests, and add credentials for production, and voila you are DevOps-ing!

This post will help anyone who is attempting to use ansible to modify files on VMs running on ESXI via automation when Practicing DevOps.

This post will help anyone who is attempting to use Ansible to create new VMs with automation when Practicing DevOps. I use this in my home lab to help stay current with new trends in DevOps.

I was looking through Reddit today and saw an interesting question about how to manipulate files with Ansible. I took a few minutes to throw together an example of how to convert a relatively simple file, a list of strings broken up by new lines, and output it as JSON.