Below is a list of DevOps articles/sites that I discovered over the past month and found interesting.

Linux Troubleshooting

This is an interesting tool that people can use to test out their Linux troubleshooting skills in a capture-the-flag-style event.

Here is what the developer has to say about their SadServers:

There is a collection of scenarios, a description of what's wrong, and a test to check if the issue has been solved. Servers are spun up on the spot, users get an "SSH" shell via a browser window to an ephemeral server (destroyed after the allotted time for solving the challenge) and then they can try and solve the problem.

Check it out with the link below if you are looking to up your server administration game!

Golang Network Bus

An event bus is a core component in a microservices-based architecture. Application A (in control of Domain A) will register an event on the event bus every time a data change needs to be synchronized by downstream systems. Application B (which needs to reference data from Domain A) will then be able to store its own local copy of Domain A's data to reduce dependencies on an external system.

I love seeing projects like this get introduced into the ecosystem. Many times, we are relying on highly scaleable systems with a massive amount of configurable knobs and dials to achieve relatively simple tasks. Tools like this are a great way to get your feet wet and dive into a new architecture without all of the extensive overhead of enterprise tools.

Searchable Asset Directory

Resmo bills itself as:

Complete visibility and security for modern teams

Centralized asset inventory management is a huge deal in DevOps. By scanning your assets, you can understand what is out of compliance and subsequently investigate where errors may be happening in automation to allow for that noncompliance. Without this kind of visibility, changes will go unchecked which makes Quality suffer.

Another nice feature of a CAIM product like this is; they are a great Single Point of Truth system. I have utilized these in the past as an API-driven data repository to feed other downstream automation systems with data they need to accomplish their tasks.

Check them out below!


Kustomize is a great way to keep your configuration files declarative and free of messy variables and if statements. Configure your application how you would like and then provide specific override files for different environments. The video below will teach you how to make production ready Kubernetes manifests.

Kustomize: The Best Way to Manage Your Kubernetes Configs

Steampunk Spotter

Steampunk Spotter is an Ansible tool for Development, Quality Assurance, and Operations teams purpose-built to cut down on the management burden of keeping playbooks current. With built-in upgrade assistance, syntax checking, module assistance, vulnerability identification, and much more!

If you are interested in super charging your Ansible automation, check them out below!