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Best DevOps Websites in 2023 Much like is the front page of the internet, is the front page of DevOps. From the latest news, tools, methodology, practice updates, and much more DevOps.

55+ DevOps Terms and Definitions

A Agent: A software agent is designed to automate certain tasks related to the development and operation of software systems. These tasks may include building and testing code, deploying code to production … Agentless: In the context of DevOps, "agentless" typically refers to the use of tools or technologies that do not require the installation of a software agent on the target system in order to perform … Agile Software Development: Agile software development is a set of values, principles, and practices that aim to improve the speed and flexibility of software development by focusing on rapid iteration and continuous delivery of … Application Release Automation (ARA): Application-release automation (ARA) is a process or set of tools and practices that aim to automate and streamline the process of releasing software updates and new features to production … Artifact: In the context of DevOps, an artifact is a file or set of files that is produced as part of the software development and deployment process.

DevOps Readiness Checklist

A DevOps readiness checklist is a list of items that organizations can use to assess their readiness to implement DevOps principles and practices.

DevOps Readiness Assessment

Below is a readiness assessment to understand your preparedness to take on a DevOps transformation. Answer each question or statement with the select box on the right side of the screen.

DevOps FAQ

My primary goal in 2023 is to replace all of the short-form FAQ questions below with more informative long-form blog posts.

7 Tips for Landing a DevOps Job Without a Degree in 2023

DevOps is hot right now. The demand for professionals with the skills to bridge the gap between software development and information technology operations is growing significantly.

Navigate the DevOps Engineer Path: Your Ultimate Guide to Success!

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on navigating the DevOps Engineer Path, a thrilling journey towards becoming a proficient DevOps professional.

6 Top Programming Languages for DevOps Engineers in 2023

DevOps is all about bringing software development and operations together under a single functional team to increase quality, communication, collaboration, and efficiency.