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Dark Launch

A dark launch is a release of new products or features without any promotion or advertising campaign.  This allows teams to build telemetry, understand quality and scalability issues, and introduce changes that help the long-term health of products as promotion and advertising campaigns ramp up.


The act of changing a version of running code on a system.  This can be either application or configuration based.

Deployment Pipeline

A series of steps are taken to ensure that a new consistent state can be achieved in an environment.


DevOps is the merging of Development and Operations into a singular team.  This ensures that a global perspective is taken by a team and focus is changed from pure feature development into a perspective of perpetual quality.


DevSecOps is the practice of integrating security as code into DevOps practices.

Disaster Recovery

The act of recovering systems in the event that primary production systems become unusable.  This is usually tied with a secondary warm production environment that is flipped over to when production is un an unusable state.