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GitOps is a modern approach to managing and automating the deployment and operation of software systems. It involves utilizing Git, a version control system, as the single source of truth for both infrastructure and application code. This methodology integrates development and operations by utilizing Git for versioning and triggering automated processes.

In a GitOps workflow, all configuration files and application code reside in a Git repository. Changes to the repository trigger automated pipelines that deploy and manage the system accordingly. This promotes a declarative and automated approach to managing infrastructure and applications.

For a DevOps evangelist, understanding GitOps is valuable as it aligns with the principles of collaboration, automation, and version control. It enables streamlined and repeatable deployments, promotes transparency, and enhances the reliability and efficiency of managing infrastructure and applications. Incorporating GitOps principles in a DevOps strategy facilitates better control, traceability, and rapid iteration of software systems, ultimately contributing to a more agile and responsive development process.